Can I see which teachers have taken attendance for today?

Yes, the “Attendance Activity” report, accessed from the Reports menu, is designed to show administration which teachers have taken attendance, the attendance data they submitted, and if a teacher has or has not scheduled an activity for that day.  

Admins can also quickly see how many teachers have or have not taken attendance for a Flex period from their “Dashboard” by viewing the “Attendance” circle graph located on the right-hand side of their screen. 

This circle graph shows Attendance Taken versus Attendance Pending.  Attendance Pending includes Catchall activities but does not include Lunch because we do not track lunch attendance in our application. You can hover over the graph to see the actual number represented in the circular graph.  Teachers must take attendance for all students listed on their attendance list in order to be counted as Attendance Taken.  An activity will remain in Attendance Pending until all students have attendance recorded.  Selecting “See All'' will open the “Attendance Activity” report and provide more details.  (Please see the example below.)

Please reference our "Flex Admin Guide”  which can be found by clicking on the HELP > Documentation menu > Flex Training Document Index within the Flex system.  (You may also want to check out the “Attendance Reminders” section in the Flex Admin Guide.)

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