Can teachers add groups by uploading a CSV file?

Yes, teachers can add groups via a CSV file. Teachers will need to have a CSV file on their desktop or a shared drive.  It will need to be in the specified format that contains only one column with a header - studentemail, all one word, lowercase. 

Single Group CSV File Format Details

Any adult can create and upload a CSV file to populate a single group.  The sample file format is shown below.  The file can be created as a spreadsheet and then downloaded into a CSV file format in order to import into the Flex system.  The file has one column, with a column header of “studentemail” as shown below.  Then list all the desired student email addresses (or student ID numbers) in that column using separate rows.  (Note:  The column header “studentemail” should stay the same and be used even if you are populating the file with student ID numbers.)

Below is an example of downloading a Google spreadsheet to a CSV file:

Here is the New Group screen.  After filling in the details for the group, such as Name, Description, and Access Type (Global-available to all adults in Flex; Shared-available to designated adults and Admins; Private for only you to see), select "Add manually" and “From CSV”.  You will then be prompted to select your CSV file.  After selecting the file, click “Upload” to import your list of students.  Then click “Add” to save the new group.  

Please reference HELP > Training Videos / Documentation in Flex for more information on creating and managing groups.   

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