Do students receive a notification if their schedule is changed?

Currently, students do not receive a notification if their schedule has changed in the system.  “Agenda Notifications” in Flex can provide an email to students each morning, before 7:00 AM, when an active Flex period is scheduled.

If your Admin has enabled “Agenda Notifications” and last-minute changes were made by your adult users, you may want to encourage students to review their schedules before the start of the Flex period.

 In order to turn these notifications “on”, an Admin should do the following:

  1. From the “Systems Settings” screen, toggle the “Agenda Notifications” option to “On”.
    • Note:  “System Notifications” are not yet available in the system.  (This includes change notifications that notify students about changes to their schedule.)
  1. Choose “Save Settings”.
    • Emails will be sent from:
    • Note:  You may want to turn this “OFF” over breaks but will need to remember to turn it back on when school is in session.  
    • Below is a sample agenda notification email:

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