Flex Implementation Steps

Once you have worked with your Strategic Relationship Manager to move forward with Flex, you will be contacted by your Client Project Manager (CPM) via an email from our Securly help desk.  

First Steps

In this communication, your CPM will share the Flex Setup Form, scheduling link, and other helpful information. We will build the shell of your system, which you can log into, but we will need the information gathered in the Kick-Off Meeting to finish your Flex system.  Be sure to use the help desk implementation ticket to communicate with your CPM. This helps us to keep all communication in one place. Additional school and district colleagues can be added to the ticket as well.

Step 1:  Complete the Setup Form prior to the Kick-Off Meeting.  It will be linked to your implementation ticket.

Step 2:  Schedule the Kick-Off Meeting (KOM). 

  • In the Kick-Off Meeting we will review your technology, Flex details, collect information for completing your system, as well as review various settings and options within the program.

**Please invite a district IT representative to be present to help answer and ask any questions.

Why is it important to include district IT?

  • In the Kick-Off Meeting we review a lot of optional features that district IT may need to assist with.  It is much easier to include the district IT staff in the beginning rather than looping them in later in the implementation process.  Of course, this can be dependent on the size and accessibility of your district IT and the features you do or do not want to use within the system.

Next Steps

Step 3:  Coordinate and schedule Admin Training, which occurs after your system is built and we have added the information you have provided (rooms, activity types, settings, etc).

  • The Admin Training is for building admins as well as any teachers or staff who will be taking leadership roles in running your Flex period(s).  This meeting is held via Zoom and can be recorded.  It lasts about 75 minutes and reviews the admin functionality (settings), reports, and overall functionality of Flex.

Step 4:  Coordinate and schedule Core Team or Teacher Training.

  • When thinking about training your teachers we can train a core team who then train your larger staff or we can train all teachers at once.  There are pros and cons to both options so be sure to discuss with your Client Project Manager what will work best for you and your staff.  The Teacher Training is about 45-60 minutes, held via Zoom, and can be recorded.

Step 5:  Coordinate and deliver student training, and identify your launch date and plan.

  • Remember to take advantage of our training resources and work with your CPM.  They can help answer questions and help tailor workflows.  Start simple and expand your scope and reach of Flex as students and staff become familiar with the program and the concept of the changing schedule and activities.

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