Can two teachers share an activity or take attendance for the same activity?

Yes, teachers, staff, and admins can add other teachers to share in the attendance taking responsibility. 

Detailed Instructions

  1. When you create a new activity or edit an existing activity (before cutoff time), you can add a teacher (or teachers) to help take attendance for the activity.

  1. When the activity is scheduled by the owner/creator, the shared activity will show up on the shared teacher’s schedule.
    • Shared teachers cannot EDIT or Delete the activity but they can Plus Add students and take attendance. 
  2. Please be aware of these important details:
    • The activity owner’s name will show up on the shared teacher’s schedule and for students to see if they search for the activity. 
    • Additionally, the room number will stay the same as the owner. It will NOT show the shared teacher’s room. 
    • Finally, the shared teacher will NOT receive attendance reminders. 
    • See the screenshot below:

Note:  It is also possible to add a teacher to share in taking attendance on the "Student Attendance" screen.  Please see below.


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