Why does my student see a blank/white schedule screen in Flex?


If your school uses Controlled Access Periods (CAP) to define which students have access to specific flex periods, the blank screen for the student means that they have not been assigned to a flex period.  

To solve this problem:

  1. Edit the Group that you used to set the permissions for the Controlled Access Period. 
  2. Go to Groups and add the student to the correct group and then click Update.
  3. If you are editing the group using a CSV file, save the file (same file name) and upload the file in  File Uploads section of Flex.  (Only Admins can manage groups this way.)

Student Day View – Not assigned to a "Controlled Access Period" for flex.

Student Week View – Not assigned to a "Controlled Access Period" for flex.

From the Admin side, you can check your student numbers on the CAP by going to Reports > Full Attendance Report, selecting the appropriate flex period, and looking at the total number of students listed in ALL.

Though the system will update new users via 3rd party or user file uploads, Groups will need to be updated separately.  Please refer to the Flex Admin Guide sections on Controlled Access Periods and Groups for more information.  (You can also see the article titled "How do I update my CAP (Controlled Access Period) file(s)?" for more details.)

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