Can we change the time of our flex period for one day?

It is possible to change the time for your Flex period for one day.  If you run multiple Flex periods in your school, it is best that the times do not overlap.  (Overlapping times work in Flex but the system does not factor in simultaneous flex periods for the purposes of student scheduling or full attendance.)


In order to adjust the time for your Flex period, go to My School Settings, choose “Flex Periods” and then select the pencil icon (edit button) for the period you would like to make the time adjustment for in your system.  Once you have made your changes, remember to select the “Update” button to save those changes.

Here are a few items to consider:

  • If the change in time is temporary, it may not be worth changing the time in the system and having to remember to change it back.  
  • One reason to make the change is if your school uses QR code scanning for attendance.  Then it is important that the actual flex period times are correct.  (You may also need to adjust your cutoff time.)
  • If you choose not to adjust the times in the system, it may be helpful to post an Announcement pointing out the adjusted times for the day.  

For more information about managing Flex periods, please refer to the “Flex Periods” section in the Flex Admin guide.

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