Constant Refresh Required on the Dashboard

We often see this type of issue when there is a Chrome extension causing an issue or when the ADA Accessibility widget has been activated.

There are two ways to potentially resolve this issue.


  1. Clear the Cache on your computer - Clearing the cache can fix certain issues, like loading or formatting issues on certain sites.  As there are several different browsers, clearing the cache can vary from browser to browser.  Below are links to articles explaining how to clear your cache for a couple of browsers.
    1. Google Chrome (Brave)
    2. Apple Safari


  1. Reset the ADA Accessibility Widget (even if you did not purposefully activate the widget).  The Accessibility Widget simplifies and streamlines the process of becoming accessible and compliant for those individuals who need certain accommodations to be able to utilize our software.  By clicking on the icon, you can make the necessary adjustments so that our Pass system is easier to use.  You will know that you’re using the Accessibility Widget because you will see a checkmark beside the icon in the lower right corner.  

Please know that the Accessibility Widget can impact the functionality of the Pass system.  By choosing the “Reset Settings” button within the widget, you will clear any previously set features and be able to troubleshoot if the widget is causing a negative impact on your use of Pass.  If you wish to remove the widget, choose the “Hide Interface” button within the widget.  This will allow you to tab through the Pass system without turning on accessibility features.  If you would like to bring it back, you would need to clear the cookies from your browser.

In your Pass system, please go to Training > Documents > Admin Pass Training Document Index > Administrator Guide > Tech Tips for more information .

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