How can an admin see which teachers have not scheduled a flex activity?

Administration can quickly see how many teachers have scheduled or not scheduled activities from their Dashboard by viewing the “Teachers” circle graph located on the right-hand side of their screen.  You can hover over the graph to see the actual number represented in the circular graph. Currently, this data does include active and inactive teachers (no admin or staff) so the numbers may not match your current teacher totals.

For more detailed information, Admins can utilize the “Attendance Activity” report. This report is designed to show admins which teachers have scheduled a flex activity for the day and if/when they submit the flex period attendance. Admins can also easily see which priority levels are being used for the scheduled activities and which teachers did not schedule any activities for the day (or designated time period). Please see the examples below.

If you want to see which adults did not schedule any activities, scroll to the bottom of the list. (This may be easier to sort and see when the data is exported.)

Advanced Search

There are filters available where a date range can be entered. This may help Admins pull a report to see what types of activities specific teachers have been offering over a certain period of time, etc.

For additional information please see the “Attendance Activity” section of the Admin Guide, which can be found in the HELP section of the Flex system.

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