Can an admin change the name of a student or staff member in Flex?

Depending on how users were provisioned (added) into Flex, will determine if an Admin can change the name of a student or staff within the system. Typically, users are added into Flex via: 

  • 3rd-party Provider (Clever, ClassLink, or GG4L)
  • File Upload (CSV file/s)

Users Added via Third-party Provider (Clever, ClassLink, or GG4L)

If users were added to Flex using a 3rd-party provider, then any changes to a student’s or staff member’s name would have to be made first in the SIS, which is the system of record. Please contact your SIS coordinator so they can update the name.

Once this change is made, the 3rd-party provider will sync with your SIS and the name will be updated. It may then take up to 24 hours or overnight to see the updates sync into your Flex system.

Users Added via File Upload

If users were uploaded via a CSV file, update the name in the existing file that has all the other users and upload the file again. Please allow 30 minutes for your file to show in the “File Uploads” screen. User updates should appear in Flex after the user file has been successfully “processed.”

Please note, if you added individual users manually (directly via the Flex user interface), you can update the user’s name by doing the following: 

  1. Navigate to “My School Settings” > “Users”
  2. Next to the user, click on the pencil icon (far right)
  3. Update the name field(s) as needed and click “Update”
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