Can a user have access to more than one school if there are multiple schools using Flex in a district?

A user can have access to more than one school if there are multiple schools using Flex in the district.  The user will have to be included in each system as an active user. If your district uses a 3rd party API to provision users, both Clever and ClassLink allow for users to easily be shared in multiple schools. Please refer to the “User Management” section in the Flex Admin Guide for more information about adding users via Clever, ClassLink, GG4L, user files, and individually.

Once added to Flex, users can select their default school in their Profile settings. All users have access to their “My Profile” screen in Flex.  For adults, this is found on the bottom left portion of the menu in Flex by clicking the up-arrow by the user’s name.  

Here you can view summary information about your activities and “Edit” your personal information.  When the “Edit” button is selected, the following window appears where you can update the last three fields, which includes the “Default School”.  (Only users who have been set up in multiple Flex schools within a district will see more than one school in the “Default School” drop-down.)

In order for the user to access another school that they are associated with, they will simply select that school from the dropdown menu located on the upper left-hand side of the screen above the menu.

For students, the “My Profile” option is located in the top right corner of their Flex screen and if they have access to multiple schools, they can switch between them using the drop-down menu on the left.  (Please see below.)   

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