Can I add or remove days to my existing flex period?

It is not recommended that frequent edits are made to Flex periods, without first consulting the Flex Help Desk, as it is possible to lose data and/or cause functionality issues.  

Adding Days:

If your current Flex period is set to run Weekly, you can add an additional day or days to your existing Flex period.  To edit your Flex period select the pencil icon on the right side of the screen.  Make your adjustment and select “Update” to save your changes.

Removing Days:

You should not remove days from an existing Flex period AND you should not change the flex period "Recurring" setting from Daily to Weekly.  This will cause the loss of historical data.  

If you need to permanently remove a day from your current Flex period you should adjust the end date of the Flex period to the last date your regularly scheduled Flex period will run and then create a new Flex. If many of the details are the same, you can copy your current Flex period, make the necessary adjustments to the days and then select “Update” to create your new Flex period.  

If you are going to be temporarily canceling your entire Flex period for a day or for a few days, you can utilize the Cancellation option located in the main menu under the “Activities” heading.  It is helpful to include an Announcement for your users that the Flex period is canceled.  Announcements can be added to your system by navigating to “My System Settings”>”Announcements.”

For more detailed information about managing Flex periods, canceling a Flex period, or adding Announcements please refer to the Flex Admin guide.

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