How do I add a new user to my Flex system?

New users should be added to Flex using the school's primary source of user provisioning, which will be one of the following methods for most schools:

  1.  Clever, ClassLink, or GG4L  (These are 3rd party systems that sync with Flex.)
  2.  User CSV file(s)   

Users can be added to the system individually from the “Users” screen in Flex, but it's highly recommended that you don’t use this method if one of the above methods can be used.

If it is determined that a new user cannot be added through a 3rd party sync or user CSV file, then the instructions below show how to add a user individually into Flex. Any individually added user will need to be manually archived by an Admin if/when system access is no longer needed.  

When adding users individually, the user will be able to log into Flex by using an assigned “manual” password or through Google or O365 single sign-on (SSO).  

Password Guidelines

The following guidelines apply when designating a Flex password for a manually-authenticated user.

  • Passwords must have a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 64.
  • Passwords should contain a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and at least one special character.
  • Please avoid common words as a part of your password.
Steps to Add an Individual User

In order to add a user individually, please navigate to “My School Settings” > “Users” and do the following:

  1. Click “Add User”
  2. Complete the fields (shown below) as follow:
    • Role:  Select desired user role as Admin, Staff, Student, or Teacher
    • Firstname:  Enter user’s first name
    • Lastname:  Enter user’s last name
    • Email:  Enter user’s email address  
      1. If you are adding a user who does not have the school email domain, reach out to the help desk to have their domain added to the school.  This is often used for contract employees.  
      2. Personal email domains will not be allowed
    • Send Confirmation Email (box):  Check this box if you wish for the user to receive a confirmation email
    • Password:  Enter a password here if the user will be “manually” authenticated.  
      1. They will not be logging in using Google/O365 credentials and the account password will be managed within Flex.
      2. Please refer to the above “Password Guidelines” 
    • Adult Only Fields:  (These are not required to be entered here and can be completed in the adult profile by the user.)
      1. Select Room:  Select default room, if desired
      2. Preferred Title:  Select title, if desired
    • Student Only Fields:
      1. Graduation Year:  Enter graduation year
      2. SIS Number:  Enter student ID number
    • Prevent From Archiving (toggle):  This button is an ‘override’ button so that the user does not get “auto-archived” if you are also syncing with a 3rd party source or uploading user CSV files.
      1. Keep toggle “on” if you do not want the student user to be archived if/when they are not included in a Clever/ClassLink sync or a user file upload. 
      2. Toggle to “off” if the user will be included in future Clever/ClassLink syncs or a user file uploads. (This will allow them to be auto-archived through that source in the future.)
      3. Please see more information in the following section of the Flex Admin Guide: “Individually Added Users & the ‘Prevent from Archiving’ Button”.
    • Active (toggle):  Keep toggle “on” so the user is active in the system  
  3. Click “Add” 
    • Below are examples of the Admin (Adult) and Student “Add User” screens in Flex.

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