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District and campus administrators can now subscribe to any of 5 email reports directly in the Rhithm app. Reports will be delivered on a monthly basis directly to the email address on your Rhithm account. Reports will be sent from Rhithm Insights via Tableau, but a Tableau login is not required to access email report delivery. 

There are currently 5 different reports available within the app. More information on each report below. 

Note: Reports will not begin sending until the 2023 school year begins. You can still create subscriptions ahead of time. 

Report descriptions

Rhithm Monthly Report

A monthly comprehensive report by school that provides a detailed breakdown of learning readiness (tempo score) and app usage. Includes a grade level breakdown and check-in response frequencies. 

School Leaderboard

Interactive and fast-to-scan data tables that rank schools and grades across learning readiness and app usage.

High Volume Responders

A packaged analysis detailing students that are responding with dysregulated answers. Highlights answers that fall outside of the standard deviation for that answer.

App Usage Pivot Table

Provides % of active users by week and school in a table format.

App Usage Summary School Breakdown

Provides a view of the total number of users and number of active users by school and by grade for the time period selected.

Creating and managing subscriptions in the app 

On the "Settings" page, the Subscription tab allows you to view, create, and manage your report subscriptions. 

Creating a subscription

  1. Click Create new subscription
  2. Choose which report you'd like (only one per subscription)
  3. Choose which schools for which to receive the report
  4. Enter the subject line you'd like for the report email

Managing or deleting subscriptions

Click "Manage" to change the schools that are included in your subscription. If you want to stop receiving a report, click "Delete". If you want to change which report is included in a subscription, click "Delete" and create a new report. 

Run active subscriptions

By default, all reports will be sent the first of the month and contain the previous month's data. If you want to receive all of your subscribed reports now, click "Run active subscriptions" to generate an email report with the current month's data up until today's date. 

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