How to enable sound notifications in Pass

The Pass system is able to alert an adult with an audible sound notification when a pass falls onto the dashboard.  To enable this audible ding, click the sound icon in the upper left corner of your dashboard.  When activated, you will hear an audible ding.  You will hear that sound whenever a pass is made to you or to a location with which you are associated. If you do not want to receive those audible notifications, click on the sound icon again so that the “x” appears beside the sound icon.

As Pass is a browser-based application, all notifications are based on your browser's notification settings.  Enabling Notifications will vary from browser to browser. If you are not getting the sound notification on your browser, you will need to check the site settings for that browser to make sure the sound is enabled.  

Below you will find links to turn on notifications from several browsers.  

Google Chrome



If the browser that you use is not listed, simply do a search on the internet to find that browser’s sound settings. 

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