Why do I get the error "The user already exists"?

If you’ve added a user and are receiving the message that “The user already exists”, there is either an active user or an archived user with a matching email address.  

First, check the Archived Users for a matching email address. (This is located under User Management.) If your user is listed in “ Archived Users”,  you can unarchive them by clicking the “Unarchive” button or checking the square on the far left and click “Unarchive User”. 

Users who have been archived in the last 30 days will appear on this page. If a user who no longer appears on this list returns to your school and you do not see them on the Main Users page, you can add this user by going to the “Main Users” page, clicking on the “Add User” tab, and adding that user back into your system.

If your school shares certain users by Clever or ClassLink and they are no longer visible in your system, it is possible that a change in the way your school shares information with Pass may have been made.

Please go to Training > Documents > Admin Pass Training Document Index > Administrator Guide and click on “Adding Individual Users” for more information.

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