Why are some people getting appointment emails, but not others?

Whether or not a user gets an appointment email from EHP is determined by the actions and settings that an admin in the system has chosen in the Modules List under the Control Panel.

To adjust these settings, go to Control Panel > Modules list > Appointment Pass. 

You will then see this message, “Please select the Appointment Pass notification method(s) you would like to activate for your school. Adults and students will receive morning agenda emails if the appointment in which they are involved was created at least one day in advance.”

To activate, click the box beside “Email Alert Notification” if you would like your students to receive email alert notifications about their appointment passes. Notifications will be sent to the student approximately 20 minutes and 5 minutes prior to the appointment time, in addition to in-application reminders at the same time intervals.


Note: These settings affect ALL users in your EHP system, no exceptions.

They may not receive an email notification if:

  • the appointment is on the same day
  • the appointment is to a location, as a location would not have an email address

Please go to Training > Documents > Admin EHP Training Document Index > Administrator Guide for more information on the “Appointment Pass Module”.

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