Can substitute teachers log into the Pass system?

No, substitute teachers cannot log in to Pass. They can approve and cancel student-created passes. Their usage will be documented within Pass on both active and ended passes in red. 

The substitute will receive a PIN from the front office (or system administrator) and use it to approve or cancel passes from the student device only.  Therefore, they will not log into the Pass system.

From the student’s device, the substitute will click on the teacher’s name.  On the white popup screen, the substitute will then enter their PIN and then click “APPROVE”.  When the student returns to class, the substitute will click on the location, enter their PIN again, and click on “END/KEEP”.

Here is a document template of  Directions for Substitutes.  (This document will open in a new browser tab. Copy and paste this information into a document for your school.)

Please go to Training > Documents > Admin Pass Training Document Index > Administrator Guide for more information on how to manage “Substitute Users”.

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