How do I manage substitutes in Pass?

There are a few ways to manage substitutes in the Pass system and provide them with Pass access. The primary substitute workflow in Pass is for an Admin to create a substitute account and provide the substitute with a unique PIN to enter on a student’s device in order to approve a pass. The substitute does not have full access to Pass or the dashboard. They only enter their PIN on the student’s device or a kiosk, if applicable. 

In order to add a Substitute, go to the Control Panel > User Management > Substitute Users.


Complete the fields in the “Add Substitute Teacher” section in order to add a sub account.  

  • Substitute accounts can be specific to a person or could be generic and reused with different subs that work in your building.
  • You can choose to enter a PIN or have the system generate a PIN for the sub account.  Setting your own PIN may be more favorable and allow you to keep the PIN simple for the sub to remember.
  • Please click the button for more details.

Here is a document template of  Directions for Substitutes. (This document will open in a new browser tab. Copy and paste this information into a document for your school.)

If a substitute has a school email address and/or you want the substitute to have full teacher access to your Pass system, add them through one of the other methods mentioned in the “User Management” section of the Pass Admin Guide.

Please go to Training > Documents > Admin Pass Training Document Index > Administrator Guide for more information on how to manage “Substitute Users”.

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