Can we block teachers from creating passes for certain students?

The Pass system does not allow admins to prevent teachers from creating passes for certain students.  This has been set up as a student safety and wellness measure.  Admins can, however, create pass limits and restrictions on certain students, which will greatly assist in curtailing the movement of certain students.  Please also know that Teacher Passes (Proxy Passes) will never count against a student's limit, and teachers are able to override a student's limit in the case of an emergency or special situation.

For example, if a student has a limit of zero (0) passes and a teacher creates a Teacher Pass for that student, the teacher will get a notification that the student has reached his limit and has no passes remaining.  The teacher then has the flexibility and discretion to add a comment to the pass, override the limit, and allow the student to leave the classroom OR to keep the student in class.

For more information about Student Pass Limits - from your Pass interface, click on Training > Documents > Administrator Guide and scroll down to “Pass Limit/Blocking”.

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