Can I create an appointment pass for multiple students?

Yes.  You can create appointment passes for multiple students at a time; however, the reason will need to be the same for all of the students for the appointment pass that you are creating. 

To create an appointment pass for multiple students at a time, click on “Appointment Pass” and complete the form for the first student. Then click on the “+ Add” button to create the additional appointments. If need be, you can adjust the date, period, time, and “From” teacher for each student you add to the appointment pass. When you’ve added all of the students for that particular appointment, click the blue “Submit” button.  

(Please Note: If you are creating an appointment pass for a large number of students, it would be best to split the large group into smaller groups and then create appointment passes for each of the smaller groups.)

The Pass system does not have the ability to upload CSV files for creating appointment passes for multiple students.

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