How to check out a guest using Securly Visitor?

Manual checkout

Checking out a visitor is a simple one-click process. When the checked-in visitor hands back their badge, the front-desk staff would need to look up the visitor and click the check-out icon at the end of that row.  


Automatic checkout

You can also configure for all visitors to be checked out of Visitor at the end of your school working hours. To do this, 

  1. Log in to Visitor as admin and go to Manage > General Settings
  2. Set your school hours in the ‘School hours’ field. 
  3. Enable the ‘Automatic checkout’ field. automatic-checkout.jpg

You will now receive a prompt 15 minutes before your school hours end requesting you to update the status of the guests who are currently checked in. You can sign out all or some of the visitors before you check out of the system. If you do not take any action, all guests will be checked out automatically at the end of school hours as configured.   


If Automatic checkout is disabled then guests will not be checked out automatically at the end of school hours. The front desk staff and admins will be displayed a list of checked-in users when they login to Visitor the next day. They can choose to check out the guests at that time manually using the method explained earlier. 

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