How do I switch between different products from my Safety Console?

The Securly Safety Console allows you to seamlessly switch between Filter, Auditor, 24, and Visitor consoles. 

  1. A new ‘more’ icon has been added to the top banner. 
  2. When you click the icon, it will display the solutions within the Safety Console that you have purchased.            appselector2.jpg
  3. You can directly switch to any of the solutions listed under “Switch to” without having to reauthenticate yourself. 
  4. If you have not purchased a product, it will be displayed to you under the “Discover” section. Note that even if you use Classroom or MDM, you cannot log in directly to the Device Console from this menu at this time. That functionality will be available in one of the subsequent releases. 
  5. Teachers or staff assigned as delegated reporting group members can also switch between products if they have been assigned roles in both places. 

The logout functionality also works just as seamlessly and if you log out of the Safety Console, you will automatically be logged out of Visitor and vice-versa. 

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