Google Workspace Drive SDK API updates for Aware

The Drive SDK API authorization is essential to help Securly access the Google Docs on the school’s Google Drive. We recently updated the API permissions to automate channel creation or deactivation when:
1. Users are removed/ deleted
2. Users are moved from OU 1 to OU 2


To get to where this new authorization needs to be placed, simply authenticate to your Google Admin Console as a Super Admin. Click on Security - then API Controls - then Manage Domain Wide Delegation. Here one should see an existing API Client labeled with a title you selected to identify the Securly Aware service. Once you've identified the API Client for Securly, hover over that entry and select Edit



This just requires an additional entry in the ‘OAuth scopes’ field: 

Add the above string as shown in the screenshot below.


Make sure you have all the entries in there as specified here -

If you want to begin scanning Google Slides and Google Sheets as well, include the following scopes in addition to the ones mentioned above.

Note that Aware scanning of Google Slides & Sheets is currently under Beta testing and it is recommended that you contact our support engineers before adding the additional scopes. 

If you just getting started with us, you are covered. Check out this KB for the complete installation process.

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