How to read the downloaded activity reports?

The user activity reports that you download or email contains detailed information about the user activity selected for the users or OUs or Security groups you select. Here is what the report talks about:

  1. The student and OU names
  2. Type of activities that are listed in the report. This depends on what type of activities you select when downloading the report.
  3. Policies for which the report is generated. This also depends on your selection in Securly Filter while generating the report. These are listed in a different column. 
  4. Categories for the activities that are listed. You can select specific categories or all when generating the report. The categories for specific events are listed in that row as well. 
  5. The Type column includes icons of what type of activity the event corresponds to:
    1. Allowed   checkmark.png
    2. Blocked    blockedmark.png
  6. The date and time stamp of each of the events is listed in each of the rows. 
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