Why can’t I add some sites to the policy allow/ block list?

Securly Filter lets you allow or deny additional websites/domains in addition to those in the Securly database. The websites already present as “Allowed” in the Securly database cannot be added to a policy blocklist as some of these sites are critical to the seamless working of certain web services, such as your emails, or some that can cause your internet experience to malfunction, or some that are mandatory for CIPA compliance. 

When you attempt to add websites such as Google or Bing, Securly prevents you from adding them to the blocklist because they can negatively impact the SafeSearch feature or hamper keyword scanning functionality. 

For a detailed description of what sites can or cannot be allowed in Global Allow and Blocklists, check out this KB

In case you want to block any websites that you cannot add to the Blocklist, you can contact our support team at support@securly.com with your request. 

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