Understanding the Transition from Safety Console to Securly Filter and Securly Aware.

Securly has evolved its product offerings, transitioning from a consolidated Safety Console to distinct product platforms: Securly Filter and Securly Aware. This change reflects our commitment to improving user experience and allowing more focused navigation and control for each product.

Securly Filter remains our robust web filtering solution, while Securly Aware represents the next evolution in student safety and wellness, building on its predecessor's proven AI reporting and alerting. The product interfaces for Filter and Aware have been separated, allowing for more tailored and efficient management. The Filter interface displays filtering activity and controls, while the Aware interface presents flagged activities and relevant controls.

With this change, you can now directly login to the product platform you wish to use. Visit www.securly.com, click Login, and select "Securly Filter" or "Securly Aware" to access the respective product. Your existing login credentials remain the same.

This change allows for more streamlined access and management, offering you a more focused experience. We're excited about these updates and confident they will enhance your interaction with our products. As always, we appreciate your continued partnership and welcome any feedback or questions you may have during this transition.

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