Securly 24 is now Securly On-Call - FAQs

As of December 2022, the product that Securly customers know as Securly 24 is being renamed to Securly On-Call.

Will coverage still be 24/7?

Yes, if you want it to be. But you can also customize the hours of coverage to work for your district or school. Our On-Call analyst team is always available to help when you need them, whether that’s 24/7, during school hours only, or somewhere in between. The choice is yours.

Why change the name?

The new On-Call name and logo more accurately capture the flexibility of the service and the role our expert analysts play in supporting your student safety and wellness teams. Our team is always on-call and ready to assist, whether you want coverage around the clock or just for certain hours of the day. Regardless of the coverage you choose, you’ll get the same peace of mind that our experts are analyzing alerts on your behalf and will notify you of students in need within minutes.

What’s next?

Starting immediately, you will begin seeing the 24 name and logo transition to the new On-Call name and logo in Securly software, documentation, and other materials. We expect this transition to take 3-4 months, so you may see both names being used until the transition is complete.

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