Can schools override settings by district admins?

Yes, school admins can override district admin's settings for Visitor for their school. If a district admin updates any settings they will apply only to the schools added after those settings have been updated. Schools set up in Visitor before the setting updates will not be impacted by these changes. 

The school admin can override the following settings available to them in their Visitor console:

Security Settings
  • Emergency alerts
  • Sex offender alerts
  • Watchlist alerts
Kiosk Settings
  • Customize reasons for visit
  • ID scanning
  • Enable phone number entry
  • Enable visitor self check out
  • Multilingual support
  • Dymo printer: Visitor self-serve badge printing
  • Pre-approved visitor
  • Visitor health screening questions
  • Customize logo
General Settings
  • School hours
  • Automatic checkout
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