Dyknow Classroom - Self Onboarding

Please follow this step-by-step guide in order to configure Dyknow Classroom.




1.  Logging in


2.  Allowing Dyknow in your Content Filter

Read the Always Allow Dyknow in Content Filter article for step-by-step instructions on allowing Dyknow websites and applications through your school/district network and antivirus software.


3.  Importing Roster Data

Manually create users and classes in Dyknow - OR - easily mass-import users, classes, and enrollments into Dyknow.

Your Import Method is often determined by your Student Information System (SIS).  School roster data can be mass-imported into Dyknow using one of the options below:

Read the Manager Roster Import Settings article to begin the data import process.


4.  Installing Dyknow Cloud Connector

Install the device-specific Dyknow Cloud Connector onto student devices to enable monitoring. Read the relevant article(s) below for step-by-step instructions:

To confirm your student devices meet our technical specifications, review the Dyknow Compatibility Information article.

To confirm your student device logins match their Dyknow user profiles, review our FAQ: Student Device Logins.


5.  Manage Blackout Settings & IP Restrictions

By default, Dyknow includes Blackout Settings (but no IP Restrictions) that enable monitoring on weekdays, Monday - Friday, during popular school hours. These settings can be edited at any time.

For step-by-step instructions on managing student device monitoring permissions by school and/or district, read the Manage Dyknow Blackout Settings and IP Restrictions article.


6.  Training

The Dyknow School Success Team provides the following training resources for new Dyknow users:

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