What is Enhanced Privacy Mode?

Some Securly products feature an Enhanced Privacy Mode that hides certain information to protect student data privacy better. When Enhanced Privacy Mode is enabled, the following interface changes will be turned on throughout the following products:

  • In Filter and Aware, the activity feed will be hidden.
  • No flagged activity alerts will be sent except for violence or self-harm alerts.
  • You will see an option to enable bullying alerts as well if desired. 
  • In Respond, student names and emails will be hidden. If a case requires urgent action, student data can be revealed.
  • If student information is revealed this way, that event will be logged.
  • Securly On-Call (formerly known as 24) will also operate similarly, with student information not shown to Securly analysts unless necessary to contact the school in emergencies.

To find settings related to Enhanced Privacy Mode, click on the account dropdown menu in the upper right and select Account Settings. Then, select the Privacy Setting tab.


From Securly Filter, you will find the setting under Global Settings.


Due to local regulations, enhanced Privacy mode is enabled by default in some areas. If you would like to enable Enhanced Privacy Mode, please get in touch with support.

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