Logging in to Rhithm

Depending on how your school has connected to Rhithm, there are a few different ways you might access your account. If you're unsure of which method your school uses, we recommend checking in with a school administrator or product leader.

Logging in using Clever or ClassLink

From your school portal

If your school uses a Clever portal or ClassLink LaunchPad to access third-party apps, you can simply click on the Rhithm app to access your account.

From the Rhithm login page

If you've been instructed to log in using Clever or ClassLink but do not access apps via a school portal, go to our login page here and choose "Sign in with ClassLink" or "Sign in with Clever" respectively.

Logging in using Google or Google Classroom

If your school uses Google accounts to sign in to Rhithm directly, visit our login page here and click "Sign in with Google Classroom".

If you've been directed to log in using Google but do not use Google Classroom, you'll still choose the "Sign in with Google Classroom" option.

The first time a student signs in using Google Classroom, they'll be asked to select their grade level.

Note: If it's your first time signing in using Google Classroom as a teacher, you won't see your students immediately. Student accounts will be created during our next nightly sync, after which students will be able to log in using the "Sign in with Google Classroom" button shown above. Please email support@rhithm.app if you have any questions about this!

Logging in using an email address and password

If your school doesn't use any of the single sign-on methods above, or if you were given a password or received an email invite to Rhithm, you'll sign in by entering your email address.

Note: All district administrator users sign in using an email address and password.

First, click "Sign in with Rhithm ID" from the login page.

You'll then be prompted to enter your email address and password, after which you can click "Log in" to be taken to your Rhithm dashboard.

If you are a teacher or campus administrator at multiple schools, you can select which school to log in to after entering your email address.

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