Managing and responding to Risk Alerts


The Risk Alert Center allows you to manage and monitor Risk Alert notifications that you've received within Rhithm. You can leave comments on Risk Alerts and update their status in order to effectively communicate with others who have received the alert.

Want to learn more about creating Risk Alert notifications? Click here.

Viewing Risk Alert details

After clicking "Risk Alert Center" from the left-hand menu, you can use the Entity List to browse Risk Alerts that have been triggered. Click the name of the Risk Alert to view additional details.

While viewing Risk Alert details, you can see which users can view the alert from the top-right corner. Click the "+" icon to add an additional watcher for the alert, even if they were not a recipient on the alert.

You can add a comment to the Risk Alert, which will be visible to anyone included as a recipient or watcher for the alert. The user who triggered the alert will not be able to see the comment.

Updating Risk Alert statuses

The "Actions" menu next to a Risk Alert allows you to change the status of the alert to in progress, resolved, not viewed, or archived. This status will update for all users who are watching the alert.

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