Editing existing Risk Alerts


The "Manage Alerts" page allows you to view all Risk Alerts for which you are listed as a recipient, even if you didn't create the alert yourself. Click the "Manage Alerts" button from the Risk Alert Center in order to get started.

Viewing Risk Alerts

From the "Manage Risk Alerts" page, you can view details about all of the Risk Alerts for which you are a recipient, including:

  • The title of the alert

  • The alert type (Emoji Assessment, Tempo Score, or Note)

  • The alert's active status

    • Checkmark = Active

    • X = Disabled

  • The alert's creator

    • If the name listed is bold, this means it was created by another user who added you as a recipient

Editing, disabling, or deleting alerts

Clicking "Actions" allows you to edit existing Risk Alerts, as well as disable or delete them. You can only edit, disable, or delete alerts that you've created. If someone else created the alert, you'll be able to view the specific parameters of the alert.

  • Disabling the alert will make it inactive, and it can be re-enabled at any time

  • Deleting the alert is permanent and is only recommended if you are sure you do not want to use the alert again

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