Restricting assessment access (District and campus admins)

As an administrator, you can choose which days and times Rhithm assessments are available for students. Outside of the hours selected, students will not be able to click "Get in Rhithm" to complete an assessment.

From your "Settings" menu, click the Assessment Access tab.

Select the checkboxes next to the days of the week that you'd like to apply restrictions. The Start Time is when Rhithm check-ins will become available. The End Time is when Rhithm check-ins will no longer be available.

For example, if you only want Rhithm to be accessible during school hours, you might click the checkboxes next to Monday - Friday and select 7AM as the Start Time and 2:30PM as the End Time.

❗ Clicking "Reset" will remove all settings and allow Rhithm check-ins to be completed by students at any time.

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