Updating Google Classroom rosters


When a campus uses Google Classroom as its rostering method, any administrator (except district admins) at the school can add or remove teachers and administrators from the roster. 

Reminder: Only teacher and school administrator accounts are uploaded in the Google Classroom CSV. Student accounts are created during Rhithm's nightly roster sync after their teacher has logged in at least once. When a new student is added to Google Classroom, a Rhithm account will be created for them in the next sync.

Adding, editing, or removing single users

To add a new teacher or campus administrator to the roster, click "Add New User".

Enter the Google email address for the user, select their role, then click "Okay" to add them.


You can delete a teacher or campus administrator from the roster by clicking the icon next to their name. Deleting a teacher will stop their classes and students from syncing overnight.


❗ Tip: You can also change the role of an existing user by clicking "Add New User" as shown above, then selecting a different role for them.

Making roster changes in bulk

To view the existing Google Classroom roster that's been uploaded for your campus, click the "Settings" option in the left-hand menu, then choose the roster tab. Towards the bottom of the page, you'll see a list of all Google email addresses for teachers and administrators that have been uploaded for the school.


Click "Browse" to select a CSV file that includes teacher and campus admin accounts. Clicking "Submit" will save these changes.


Upload settings:

  • Uploading a file will replace the existing list of teachers and administrators at this campus.

  • If you'd like to add new users without removing any existing users check the box next to "New users only?".

❗ If you need a blank copy of the CSV upload template, you can click "Download" next to "Teacher Data."


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