App Usage Trends (Rhithm Insights)

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Report details

This report can be used to visually track usage trends for all of the schools in your district.

  • The default time frame for this report is from the very first day that someone in your district has completed the first Rhithm check-in to now, but you can narrow down the time frame using the filter on the right

  • The data will also default to show all of the users in your district, including students, teachers, and administrators. You can use the filter on the bottom right to narrow this down to just one group, such as students

Data points

  • The Usage Rate graph shows the percent of users who have completed at least one check-in in the Rhithm app during the time period selected (week, month, quarter, year on the right side filter)

  • The Distinct Active Users graph right below shows similar data but as the actual number of users, rather than a percentage

  • The Total Users graph tracks when students are added to or removed from the district

  • The Check-Ins Per User graph tells you how many times the active users are taking the Rhithm check-in

  • The Check-Ins graph simply informs you how many total Rhithm check-in assessments have been taken during the specified time period.

  • The Number of Schools graph shows all of the schools in your district that have been added to Rhithm.

💡 You can filter the data in this report even more by selecting week, month, quarter, or year or narrowing down which specific schools you’d like to see data for.

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