Usage Summary by School and Grade (Rhithm Insights)

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This report shows you Rhithm App utilization for each school in the district and also includes a grade-level breakdown. Clicking on a school will automatically filter for the selected school.

Data columns

  • The Usage Rate column shows the percent of users who have completed at least one check-in in Rhithm for the time period you have selected

  • The Check-Ins Per User column gives you an average of how many times each user has completed a Rhithm check-in for the time period you have selected

  • The Check-Ins column tells you how many total Rhithm check-ins all users have completed for the time period that you have selected

  • The Distinct Active Users column shows the actual number of users (rather than a percentage) who have ever completed a Rhithm check-in at least once for the given time period

  • The Inactive users are those who have not once completed a Rhithm check-in over the given time period

  • The Total Users column represents the total number of users, both active and inactive combined, who are enrolled in your district at participating campuses.

You can hover over any number for a school and see more detailed information, like the school’s first day using the Rhithm app or a graph to help you visualize the school’s usage over time.


  • The default time frame for this report is from the first day that someone in your district has completed the first Rhithm check-in to now, but you can narrow down the time frame using the filter on the right

  • You can use the role name drop-down filter on the right to narrow this down to just one group, such as students

  • You can also select a specific school to look at or a specific grade level

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