Simplified Wellness Check-in

We've added a simplified, 2-question version of our wellness check-in, with a focus on emotional and physical wellbeing. With fewer questions and emoji options to select than the 5-question version, this assessment is designed to make it easier for younger students to get in Rhithm.

What's included in the check-in?

Students will be prompted with the following two questions during their check-in:

  • What are you feeling today?

  • How is your body feeling today?

Students will see the following emoji responses for each question:

Colors shown around each emoji indicate where on the regulation spectrum each answer falls. For example, "Sad" indicates very low energy and "Angry" indicates very high energy.

Viewing assessment data

Teachers and administrators will be able to view data from the simplified wellness check-in from their dashboards. From your dashboard, click "Diverse List View" from the Rhithm Trends section on the right.

In the "Assessments" column, this check-in will be listed as Get in Rhithm - Simple - 2 Questions. From here, you'll be able to view student responses and notes similar to the original 5-question assessment. Click here for more information on viewing assessment data.

💡 Tip: You can use the "Filter" menu to filter results for this assessment only, as well as filter by date range or other criteria.

Launching or scheduling a live session

Teachers and administrators can use the simplified wellness check-in when starting a live session from your dashboard or when scheduling a session in advance.

After selecting which students, classes, or groups you'd like to get in Rhithm, use the drop-down menu to select "Get in Rhithm - Simple - 2 Questions" then click Okay.

Similarly, when scheduling a session in advance, choose "Get in Rhithm - Simple - 2 Questions" from the dropdown menu after clicking "+Schedule".

Changing students' default assessment

As a campus or district administrator, you have the ability to make an assessment the default assessment for certain grades, classes, schools, or students.

Note: The "default" assessment for a student is the assessment that will launch when a student chooses "Get Myself in Rhithm." Teachers and administrators will still be able to select other assessments when launching or scheduling a live session.

From your dashboard, click the "Assessments" tab on the left-hand menu.

From the "Other assessments" tab, click Actions > Make default for next to the assessment titled "Get in Rhithm - Simple - 2 Questions".

From the popup window, you can select individual students, grades, classes, or groups for which to make this the default assessment. After you are finished, click "Save" in the bottom-right-hand corner.

At any time, you can access the settings above and deselect the checkbox next to a student or group's name in order to remove the default assessment settings.

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