Updating CSV rosters


Schools using CSV as their rostering method can update their rosters at any time directly within the app. If you're just getting started using Rhithm or have questions about CSV rostering, check out this guide.

Downloading current rosters

From the "Roster" tab of your Settings page, you can download a current list of school users, classes, and enrollments by clicking the button(s) shown below.


From here, you can edit or remove any users, classes, or enrollments and re-upload the file using the "Override" instructions below.


Updating existing rosters

To add new users, classes, or enrollments, click the "Browse" button to select CSV files containing your data. Note that district admins cannot edit rosters.


If you need a blank copy of the template, click the blue "Download" button. More information about each of the headers in the template is available here.


Uploading a file will only add new users, classes, or enrollments to your school. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page to complete this process.


Overriding all data

If you'd like to instead override your roster data, click the "Override data" checkbox before submitting the upload. This will replace all users, classes, and enrollments with the ones included in the CSV file.



Example scenarios for overriding data:

  • At the start of a school year

  • After downloading your existing rosters in order to remove users or classes

  • If you made a mistake in the original files

Password settings

The following updates are available for adding passwords to new user accounts:

  • Use Csv Password For New Users: Specify a password for each new user in the "Password" column of the CSV file

  • Use Csv Password For New And Existing Users: Specify a password for each user in the "Password" column of the CSV file -- Can be used to override existing users' passwords

  • Set Default Password: Create a default password in the UI for all new users

  • Send Invites to Create a Password: Sends an email invite to create a password for all new users

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