Classroom Implementation Best Practices

Introduce Students to the What and Why of Rhithm

  • These resources are designed to help you introduce students to Rhithm.

  • Try introducing Rhithm to "student influencers" before the rest of the class and have them help introduce it to peers (or younger students!)

  • Anticipate and allow for extra time to address any login issues or student questions as they get used to Getting in Rhithm

Get in Rhithm Yourself

  • Make Rhithm a part of your classroom culture by Getting in Rhithm alongside the students

View and Discuss Responses with Students

  • Take just a minute to scan the Teacher Dashboard or Live Session Dashboard while students watch the activity video

  • Use the Notes filter and Emoji filter to quickly identify any concerns

  • Talk to students about their responses sometimes - when students know you are looking at their responses they are much more likely to take the check-in seriously

Use Rhithm Toolkit Videos Ad Hoc

  • Show a short video from the Rhithm toolkit to help students calm down after gym class or get energized during an early morning lesson

  • Encourage students to check out the Rhithm toolkit on their own when they are feeling dysregulated, such as during lunch or after school


Note: If you are struggling with few or no devices, check out these Little/No Tech Options for ways to still use Rhithm!

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