Accessibility Features / Recommendations

Rhithm offers several accessibility features to support students' vision and hearing needs. We work continuously to ensure that our product is as accessible as possible to all students. Please see the sections to below for more information and suggestions on how to set up your students to successfully Get in Rhithm:

Enabling the Read Aloud feature:

  • While logged into Rhithm, click "Settings" from the left-hand menu, then click "Users" in first tab.

  • From there, search for the user that you'd like to enable read-aloud for by email address or name.

  • Once you've found the user, select the "Actions" button and view the dropdown options.

  • Select "Accessibility Audio" from the drop-down options, like so:

  • Selecting "Accessibility Audio" will toggle the setting on/off.

  • The example above shows what the speaker looks like when this feature is enabled.

  • To disable this feature, click on the speaker icon. It should show a muted speaker, as shown below:

How to Enlarge Text:

To enlarge text in Rhithm, please see the following device-specific instructions:

  • On Mac, please hit the Command and + key

  • On Windows and Chromebooks, please hit Control and + key

Additional Chrome Accessibility Recommendations

Additionally many device or browser-specific accessibility tools work with Rhithm. (Keyboard-controlled mouse, read-aloud, text-to-speech, eg.) While we can't guarantee the functionality of these extensions, they can be helpful in making Rhithm easier to use for some students and staff.

  • Caret Browsing extension: You can move around a webpage using your keyboard instead of a touchpad or mouse. You can also select and move through the text, and click links and other page controls.

  • Color Enhancer extension: You can use this extension to adjust the color of webpages, like removing specific colors that are difficult for you.

  • High Contrast extension: You can make reading text and seeing image details easier using this extension.

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