Managing comments in student check-ins

By default, students are able to enter text comments alongside their emoji response for each question during a Rhithm check-in. Learn more about how to enable to disable this feature below.

District administrators

District administrators can enable/disable student comments and restrict a campus's ability to alter these settings for their school.

Changing comment settings

You can manage students' ability to enter comments from the "Communications" tab of your Settings page. Unchecking the box next to "Allow Assessment Comments" will remove the text box from student check-ins and prevent them from leaving comments. Click "Save" to save any changes you make.

Restricting campuses from overriding comment settings

If you'd like to prevent campus administrators from adjusting the comment settings for their specific school, you can click the checkbox next to "Disable school's ability to override these settings".

Next, click the "Select" button to choose which schools you'd like to prevent from adjusting comment settings. You can select all schools or individual schools by clicking the checkbox next to each school.

Click "Save" when you are finished.

Campus administrators

If your district administrator has enabled your school to make changes to comment settings, you can control whether students can or cannot enter comments in their check-ins from the "Communications" tab of your Settings page. Check the box to allow comments or uncheck it to disable comments, then click "Save" to confirm your settings.

If your district administrator has turned off the ability for individual campuses to adjust this setting, you'll see a confirmation on this page.

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