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The Rhithm Essential Wellness Check-In contains a 5-item questionnaire, during which participants will respond by selecting an emoji for each category. After completing the check-in, our algorithm selects the optimal 1-3 minute video activity or lesson based on check-in data.

Beginning a session

From your Rhithm dashboard, click "Get in Rhithm" in the top-right corner to start a session for you, your students, classes, or groups.

Depending on your role, you'll receive different options for launching a check-in for yourself or other groups. Click a role in the table below to learn more.


Available options


Get Myself in Rhithm


Get Myself in Rhithm

Get My Class in Rhithm

Campus administrators

Get Myself in Rhithm

Get My Group in Rhithm

Get My Teachers in Rhithm

District administrators

Get Myself in Rhithm

Get My Schools in Rhithm


Students have the option to get themselves in Rhithm at any time. If a student is a part of a live session launched by a teacher or administrator, they'll see the name of the session after clicking "Get in Rhithm", and the option to launch an independent check-in will not appear.

Note: If a student completes a check-in independently, the data from the check-in will still be visible to their teachers and administrators.


Teachers have the option to get themselves or their classes in Rhithm. Teachers can select multiple classes at once, or choose specific students within a class to begin a session for.

Campus administrators

Campus administrators have the option to get themselves, their teachers, or a custom group in Rhithm. When getting teachers in Rhithm, admins can select all teachers or click the checkboxes next to specific teachers for which they'd like to begin a session.

When getting groups in Rhithm, admins can select multiple groups at once, or choose individuals within groups by expanding the group list. More information on creating groups is available here.

District administrators

District administrators have the option to get themselves in Rhithm, or get their campus administrators in Rhithm. Selecting "Get my Schools in Rhithm" allows district administrators to begin a session for the campus administrators at the schools in their district.

Viewing a live session

After a teacher, campus administrator, or district administrator beings a session for their students, teachers, or groups, they'll be taken to the "Live session dashboard". This view shows check-in results, as well as the tempo score for the group, in real-time as check-ins are completed.

Ending a live session

During a live session, the session leader has a few options for how to display video content when the session ends.

  1. The video activity can be shown on all participants' individual devices or on the session leader's device for everyone to view the video together

  2. Our algorithm can generate video content based off of an individual's responses or based off of the group's responses as a whole

Click "End Session" in the top-right hand corner to end the session for everyone.

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