Scheduling live sessions


Rhithm's events page allows you to create sessions in advance and at recurring intervals. This feature helps automate Rhithm check-ins and alleviates the need to begin and end sessions manually.

💡During an event's timeframe, students will see the scheduled session when clicking "Get in Rhithm" instead of the "Get Myself in Rhithm" option.

Creating an event

Click "Events" in the left-hand column to view the assessment and session calendar, then choose "+Schedule" in the top-right corner to begin scheduling a session.

💡 Tip: To edit an existing event, click on the event block directly on the calendar.

Name, audience, and session options

  1. Give your session a name -- this will be visible to the participants!

  2. Select who will participate in the session

    1. Teachers can select individual/all students or specific classes

    2. Campus dministrators can select individual/all students, individual/all teachers, as well as specific classes, grades, or groups

      1. Additionally, district administrators can create events that include entire schools

  3. Choose to play the video activity on individual devices or on the session leader's device, then choose if participants will receive an individualized activity or one based on the group's responses

💡 More information on Rhithm sessions here!

Scheduling options

4. Choose a color for the event on the calendar

5. Choose a start time and end time for the session

6. Choose if the event should repeat at a regular interval

7. For repeated events, choose their cadence and the date the recurring event should stop

Click save to save the event on your calendar! 🚀

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