Creating and maintaining groups


As a campus or district administrator, you have the ability to create custom groups in Rhithm that can be used in a variety of ways.

Note: Groups are only visible within the account where they've been created. Users who are added to a group will not see the group in their account.

Creating a new group

From your Rhithm dashboard, navigate to the "Groups" tab of the Entity List. At the bottom of this section, click "Create a new group +" to start adding people to your group.

After giving the group a name and selecting the checkboxes next to the people you'd like to include, click "Save" to save your group.

Depending on your role, you can add different users to your groups.


Users you can add to a group

Campus administrators



District administrators



Campus administrators

đŸ’¡ Tip: District administrators can create groups from any school in the district, and groups can be comprised of users from different schools.

Using a CSV to create a group

You can also use a CSV file to create a group instead of selecting users individually. To do so, click "Upload a new group" from the "Groups" tab of your Entity List.

From here, all you need to do is give your group a name, then upload is a single-column CSV file with a list of email addresses for the people you'd like to include.

The header column should say: EmailAddresses

You can also click "Download template" to receive a CSV template, after which you can replace the placeholder email addresses and re-upload the file. Once a group has been created via CSV, it can be managed from your dashboard just like groups created in the app.

Note: District admins can create groups comprised of users from multiple schools simply by including their email addresses in the list. If a user is at multiple schools, they'll be included for each school that they belong to.

Interacting with your groups

Editing an existing group

After a group has been created, you can adjust its membership by clicking the "Edit" icon next to the group's name in your Entity List. Clicking the "Delete" (Trash) icon will remove the group permanently.

Referencing groups in Rhithm

Groups can be used in a variety of ways within Rhithm, including:

Using groups with Risk Alerts

Groups that you've created can be applied to Risk Alerts in two different ways:

  1. Select a group to watch and be notified if they trigger a risk alert. To do this, select your group after clicking "Watch" while setting up an alert.

  2. Select a group to receive a risk alert once it has been triggered. To do this, select your group after clicking "Recipients when setting up an alert.

If a group is selected as a Risk Alert recipient, only the non-student users in the group will receive the alert, and they will only receive the alert if it is for a user whose data is visible in their account. (Eg. For teachers, a student in their class. For campus administrators, a user at their school.)

More information on setting up Risk Alerts is available here!

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