School Leaderboard (Rhithm Insights)

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Report details

This report shows a “rating system” from one to five stars based on each school's usage rate.

  • The usage rate is calculated by dividing the number of active users at each school for the time period selected by the number of total users in each school

  • Active users is defined as the number of users who have completed at least one Rhithm check-in

The report will also default to show all of the users in your district, including students, teachers, and administrators. You can use the filter on the bottom right to narrow this down to just one group, like students, if you choose.

Default rating criteria

  • 1 star represents less than 7% usage

  • 2 stars represents between 7% and 20%

  • 3 stars represents between 20% and 40%

  • 4 stars represents between 40% and 60%

  • 5 stars represents any usage rate over 60%.

The rating criteria can be altered if you want to adjust what you consider a three star usage rate, for example. To do this, use the “edit rating criteria” button on the right. Each of the numbers should be entered as a decimal, for example - enter 0.5 to represent 50%, 0.7 to represent 70%, and so on.’

Usage rate change

The final column of this report shows the change from the previous month visually, represented by:

  • A double up arrow to show a large increase in usage

  • A single up arrow to show a moderate increase

  • A side arrow to show usage holding steady

  • A single down arrow to show a decrease in usage

  • A double down arrow to show a large decrease in usage

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