Google Classroom Rostering Instructions (for IT)


If your district or school uses Google Classroom, you can connect Google Classroom to Rhithm in order to create classes and student accounts.

Steps for connecting to Rhithm

  1. Reach out to Rhithm support ( to receive a CSV template for Google

  2. Complete the template, letting our team know:

    1. Email addresses for teachers and administrators who should have access to Rhithm

    2. The campus that they should be added to

  3. Return the completed CSV template to your Account Manager or Onboarding Specialist (

That's it! When rostering with Google Classroom, we'll only need teacher and administrator information. Student accounts will be created and rostered to their classes after their teacher has logged in.

Additional information about Google Classroom and Rhithm

How will users access Rhithm?

Students, teachers, and administrators can log in to Rhithm by going to our login page here and clicking "Sign in with Google Classroom".

Why do teachers not see their students after logging in?

Student accounts and classes will be created overnight during Rhithm's roster sync. This means that a teacher will see their students and classes the morning after they first log in. Teachers can reach out to Rhithm Support ( to run a same-day manual sync as well.

Do I need to add Rhithm as an app in Google Classroom?

Google Classroom doesn't currently have an app portal. Many teachers have found success adding a link to our login page as an announcement in their class. You may also be able to add a link to Rhithm to your students' device home pages. (We've seen this work well on iPad and Chromebook!)

How do I add additional teachers or administrators to a school?

See here!

Is students' data secure?

Yes! We don’t share students’ data with anyone, including marketers. We have strict internal data governance policies. We host our data on private, HIPPA compliant, dedicated servers with the highest security levels. Our app is structured to be FERPA compliant as are our business policies. More information is available here.

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