CSV Upload Rostering Instructions (for IT)


If your district does not use Clever, ClassLink, or Google Classroom, you can use CSV files to create user accounts and classes.

❓ Questions about CSV rostering? Reach out to your Implementation Engineer for assistance.

Formatting CSV files

Video Overview

For each campus being set up in Rhithm, we'll need three CSV's: a Users file, a Classes file, and an Enrollments file.

  • Users: Creates user accounts

  • Classes: Creates classes

  • Enrollments: Enrolls teachers and students into classes


  • UserSourceId: Used to identify users. You can use the ID value for users in your SIS, or if your school uses Google, you can use Google email addresses instead to enable Google SSO.

  • Name: User's first name

  • Surname: Users' last name/surname

  • EmailAddress: User's email address; will be used to log in

  • Password: You can include a generic universal password, Rhithm can generate one for you, or you can send email invitations to users

  • PhoneNumber (Optional -- Include the header, but you can leave the values blank)

  • GradeLevel: PK, KG, 1-12

  • Role: Admin, Teacher, or Student


  • ClassSourceId: A unique identifier for a class

  • Name: The name of the class; this will be visible in student and teacher accounts


  • ClassSourceId: The unique identifier for a class (included in the Classes file)

  • UserSourceId: The unique identifier for a user (included in the Users file)

Completing Rhithm onboarding

Once the files above are complete, return them to your Implementation Engineer at support@securly.com.  We will create schools using the files and confirm once everything is complete!


Additional information about using CSVs to set up Rhithm

How will users access Rhithm?

Students, teachers, and administrators can log in to Rhithm by going to our login page here. After entering their email addresses and clicking "Next", users can enter their passwords.


How do add additional teachers or administrators to a school?

Simply add their email address and role to the original Users CSV used to create the school, then any campus administrator can re-upload it from the "Roster" tab of their "Settings" page.


Additionally, district or campus administrators can send invitations to additional administrators by clicking "Settings" on the left-hand menu followed by "Invite user."


Can classes be created without using CSVs?

Yes! As long as a Users file has been uploaded, any campus administrator can manually create classes while logged into Rhithm. Click here for instructions on how to do so.

Is students' data secure?

Yes! We don’t share students’ data with anyone, including marketers. We have strict internal data governance policies. We host our data on private, HIPPA compliant, dedicated servers with the highest security levels. Our app is structured to be FERPA compliant as are our business policies. More information is available here.

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