Creating Custom Assessments

Campus and district administrators can use Rhithm to create and administer assessments of their own.

❗Note: Custom Assessments are a part of our Hero package. For more information, please reach out to your district's Account Manager.

Creating an assessment

From the "Assessments" page, click +Create New Assessment in the top-right corner to get started.

Assessment settings

The Create Assessment window allows you to specify assessment-level settings as well as add questions/answer options to your assessment. Please reference the image and key below for more information on each field.

  1. Assessment Title: The name of the assessment. This is visible for roles designated as a "Launcher" only.

  2. Tenant: The schools where this assessment is available. Select the checkbox next to a school to add it.

  3. Grade Level: The grade levels for which this assessment is intended.

  4. Attributions: List any sources for which you'd like to give credit for the assessment's content

  5. Category: The category under which the assessment falls. This is for organizational purposes only.

  6. Launcher Role: The role types (teacher or admin) that can initiate this assessment. District Administrators are included by default.

  7. Designed for Role: The role types (student, teacher, admin) that are intended to participate in this assessment.

  8. Allow Comment: Check this box if you'd like comments to be allowed when answering. The text box dictates the placeholder text that will appear.

  9. Default for: Use this option to make this assessment the default for certain schools, grades, or other groups.

    • The default assessment is what appears when a user chooses "Get Myself in Rhithm"

Questions and answer settings

Once you've specified the assessment's settings, reference the image and key below to populate the questions and answer options that will appear in your assessment.

  1. Question: The question text

  2. Label: The label that will appear for this question's answers in analytics/reports

  3. Options: The answer text

  4. Regulation Spectrum: Represents the degree to which an answer is rooted in high, low, or balanced energy. This impacts the video activity a user receives post-check-in.

  5. Answer Sentiment: Select how the answer best relates to the question. This impacts Tempo Score.

  6. Hide option name: This toggle removes the text next to an answer and only displays the emoji

  1. Emoji: Click the upload icon to choose which emoji is listed next to the question or answer

  2. Languages: Click the "globe" icon next to a question or answer to add a translation. Currently, Spanish is available.

  3. Use the options highlighted here to:

    1. Add an additional question/answer

    2. Duplicate a question/answer

    3. Remove a question/answer

    4. Rearrange the order of questions/answers

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